Growth In The Roadside & Drive Through Sector

For a number of years the UK has been experiencing an expansion in the Roadside/Drive Through retail sector. Food operators such as Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Subway, KFC, Burger King and McDonald's are increasing the number of drive-through sites throughout the country. This appears to be set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Savills, one the UK's leading real estate property agents, has recently reported high-growth in the fast food roadside and drive through sector. They have mentioned that due to consumers disposable incomes being squeezed, the low price point of convenience and fast food have become more appealing. On top of this, taking into account public health concerns in recent times, for people to maintain social distancing, we can see the increasing trend of drive-through takeaway growing even further.

The Colonel Sander’s, special recipe chicken lovers, will be pleased to hear that despite KFC already having around 850 outlets in the country, they alone have plans to open hundreds more drive-through sites throughout England, Scotland and Wales. If you are a big KFC fan and their drive through expansion excites you, The Mirror newspaper, has published KFC's expansion plans, for you to find out if KFC is coming to your area soon! 

There is no doubt that KFC is popular with the UK consumer, the Metro Newspaper has recently reported, cars queuing for half a mile at the Basingstoke KFC drive-through in May 2020 following the reopening of the site.

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