Commercial Property A Sound Investment

There are endless ways to invest. From the more traditional asset classes such as shares, bonds, real estate and commodities, all the way through to more specialist investments, such as precious metals, art and fine wine.

Our company has chosen to specialise in commercial property investment and within that sector, ‘retail property’. It is a competitive sector and for good reason, property is considered a sound investment, if of course wise decisions are made!

Despite the political turmoil throughout 2016, which saw major historical changes, such as the departure of the UK from the European Union, we are pleased to see stability within the UKs commercial property sector. Allsop, who run the UK's largest commercial property auction, report the demand for UK property throughout 2016 was stronger than ever. In their 2016 annual review, they report the below highlights:

  • Allsops total 2016 commercial property auction sales were £610 million, a vast increase from the 2015 figure of £449 million
  • 2016 saw Allsop maintain a high success rate of 88% on average throughout the year compared to 91% in 2015
  • The total number of lots sold throughout 2016 was 971. This number has increased year on year for the previous four years running

The Allsop commercial auction annual review for 2016 can be seen here.